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This 9th symposium Poitiers - Roma TRE will be dedicated to the memory of our late colleague and friend Jean Beauchard who suddenly passed away last year. He directed the double degree Master-Laurea magistrale “Contracts in European Law” and took part in every symposium, in Rome as well as in Poitiers, since the organization of the first one in 2001. We owe him both the quality and the richness of the relationships between the Faculté de droit et des sciences sociales de Poitiers and the Facoltà di giurisprudenza dell’Università degli Studi Roma TRE.

This 9th symposium will analyse the interactions between “Civil Proceedings and Obligation Relationship”. Following the usual approach of these meetings, this scientific project will deal with studying, into three phases, aspects of: 1) roman, medieval and modern history of law, 2) comparative law, 3) existing law and law reforms, by comparing the critical issues of French, Italian as well as English, German and Swiss private law.

This historical-comparative perspective, that makes this approach original, provides many clues to understand how the European legal cultures and traditions did form themselves, in their diversity. These symposiums show that the alliance of History of Law and of Comparative Law gives the most powerful tools to depict the national law, to shed light on our tropisms and to understand our own legal systems.



Last update : 12 June 2011


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